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Soldiers are appreciated, but leaders are remembered. Leadership is not just a quality, not just a skill. Leadership is an attitude to be imbibed and reflected in the correct aspect.

You would have certainly come across a time when your employees were so close in becoming a leader but failed. What hindered them? Are they scared of responsibilities? Stage fear? Low self-esteem? Lack of self-presentation skills? Congrats.

Because you have found us to help you and your employees through that. Join this crew and go out as the captain. Kambaa Academy, chisel your employee skills and mold them into a leader. It’s time for your employees to become that one person who has always admired them.


1. Maintain high energy levels and find ways to stimulate creativity through higher employee morale, even through difficult times.
2. Identify the causes of negativity in the workplace and get to the root of the problems to address the issues and resolve negative situations.
3. Design and implement a culture of execution in the team and turn ideas into smart, achievable goals, and learn three different management styles to grow intellectual property.
4. Hold group meetings on change processes that lead to smooth transitions by encouraging everyone’s thoughts.
5. Instill a healthy working practice in your organization and successfully lead the company through cultural change.