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Have you ever thought, what do face recognition systems, intelligent robots, Scientific discovery, handwriting diagnosis, medical diagnosis, and smart gadgets have in common? Artificial Intelligence.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the process by machines for the simulation of human intelligence. This process includes deep learning, deep reasoning, and self-correcting ability

We will provide you a wider understanding of basic techniques for building intelligent systems and a clear understanding of how Artificial Intelligence is applied to solve complex problems.

You will learn,

  • Building intelligent agents for searching, gaming, logic, constraint satisfaction
  • Applications of Artificial Intelligence
  • Solving real Artificial Intelligence problems


Machine Learning is the science of getting machines to act without being programmed explicitly. It has given us self-driving cars, speech recognition, effective search in web, and improved understanding of the human genome. Machine learning is so widespread today that you probably use it dozens of times a day without even knowing it.

Kambaa Academy will help you to learn about the theoretical underpinnings of machine learning, gain practical knowledge of what to be quickly done and powerfully applied to solve complex problems.

You Will Learn,

  • A broad introduction to machine learning,
  • Statistical pattern recognition,
  • Data mining and other areas.


Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the use of software with AI and ML capabilities to handle tasks that require humans to perform, previously. These special tasks can include too many queries, perfect math calculations, and high accuracy in the maintenance of records and transactions.RPA enables to automate the data entry, clerical process, repeatable without any human interference.

You Will Learn,

  • RPA tools & its functions
  • Implementation of RPA
  • The evolution of RPA,
  • Opportunities with RPA as career,
  • Challenges and risk while implementing RPA.