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Mobile App Development Training

Mobile App Development Training in Coimbatore

Learn to develop for Android and iOS and transform your career outlook. We deliver a comprehensive knowledge of designing and building mobile applications using Android and iOS platforms in our training center in Coimbatore. The interactive sessions will take the participants through the nitty-gritty of the concepts including Android and iOS SDK, Data Storage and Retrieval, Media API, Content Providers, Locations and Maps, Graphics, etc.

Our Android and iOS Development course includes basic to advanced level. Most importantly, the curriculum we follow in our training center in Coimbatore is designed to give an edge to your career path. Our efficient trainers will provide a guided, efficient path for the beginners or an intermediate developer with little or no experience on mobile platforms to emerge as a pro mobile app developer.

As a trusted name in Coimbatore offering training courses in mobile app development, we take immense care in providing the best practice standards for our students. Transforming every enrollee to a pro mobile app developer is our prime reason of existence as the leading mobile application training institute in Coimbatore.

Who Should Enroll

Kambaa academy’s Android and iOS development training program is intended for individuals who want to gain momentum in the design , development, and use of mobile applications and or utilities.

What Makes Us Stand Out

Great mobile app design lies at the heart of great user experiences. We understand this and train the aspiring individuals to create stunningly beautiful and engaging designs, matched by intuitive and innovative interfaces.

What You’ll Learn

With Kambaa Academy’s Mobile App Development training curriculum, you can learn to build responsive and robust mobile applications using the most in-demand programming languages for Android and iOS including Java, C#, and Swift. The course will provide an unbiased overview of the advantages and disadvantages of various strategies for building applications, the platforms and languages available, focal ideas (while busting any language), the key phases of improvement, and the criteria for what makes an application a success. Enrollees will also get to know:
1. The latest technical knowledge
2. The advantages of being a part of a supportive learning community
3. Up-to-date tech tools
4. The practical advice to help you create, build and sell your app
5. The latest trends in the mobile device marketplace
6. Best Practices in Mobile data security

Why Choose Us?

1. Hand-picked industry experts as trainers
2. Enormous opportunities to work on real-time projects
3. Placement support along with training

Course Highlights – Mobile App Training in Coimbatore

Java Fundamentals for Android Application Development
1. Java Basics
2. Object Oriented Programming
3. Java Programming

Android Application Development Training

1. Android Framework and Android Studio
2. Android SDK Tools and Activity Class
3. Fragments, Views, and List View
4. Intents and Intent filters
5. Android Layouts and Custom Views
6. Android Resources, Themes, and Material Design
7. Android UI – Dialogs, Menus, and WebView
8. Android Storage and Background Processing
9. Android Storage: SQLite and Content Providers
10. Android Notifications

IOS Application Development Using Objective C

1. Objective C
2. Introduction to iOS Application Development
3. iOS Stack and Setting development Environment
4. Getting Familiar with XCODE ( IDE )
5. MVC and User Interfaces
6. Auto rotation, Auto sizing
7. Multi view Application
8. Working with Pickers
9. Table view with Navigation Controllers
10. Basic Data Persistence
11. Grand Central Dispatch
12. Deploy your application