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Kambaa Academy is a pioneer in providing technical and non-technical training and coaching to the students, organisations, institutions, industries, job-seekers, working professionals and Industrialists for bridging the ‘Skills Gap’ – one of the overused phrases of this millennia.



Kambaa Academy understands the huge skill gap among student society and has a vital focus in building an Industry-Academia relationship. Kambaa Academy enables the students to transform from College to Corporate environment through etiquette development programs, by providing career guidance, internships, involving students in Industry projects, gracing the institutions as guest lecturers and also providing key insights about the industry requirements, students expectations, the importance of technology enablement and lot many to the faculties through Faculty Development Programs. Kambaa Academy helps every individual to decide faster, better, and yet to be smarter.


Kambaa Academy aims to support businesses and organizations by enhancing the skills of the employee in leading the entity towards growth and betterment. We provide a modern approach that accelerates the employee's skills in managing and leading the organization through new strategies, increased sales & marketing, effective team building, managing conflicts and, a lot.

With vast industry experience, the founders of Kambaa Academy do a deep-dive analysis of the AS-IS situation of industry process and help optimize to bring up the business ladder.


"Earn the pay raise, rise in the ranks, boost your bottom line or keep your boss smiling with our training, and learning resources."
Kambaa Academy has the broadest professional development course portfolio in Digital Marketing, Web Designing & Development, Mobile Application Development, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Robotic Process Automation, Communication, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming for the individuals who seek a new career or just to add credit to their skillset to be more successful.